EquipKids is delighted to offer occupational therapy services to the Wyndham area. Our services are aimed at supporting the needs of children and their families.  We focus on equipping children with the right skills necessary to gain the confidence and self-esteem needed to succeed in a variety of environments such as home, kindergarten and school. 

Our occupational therapy  services can be provided at our clinic in Williams Landing, at school, day care centres, after school care or within the home environment.  We thrive to make our  therapy fun and meaningful, thus achieving increased participation from our children, enhancing the child’s brain, body and skill development.  


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Individual Therapy (0 - 12)

  • Screening, informal and formal assessment (as required)
  • Clinic and mobile therapy sessions (childcare, kinder and school visits including observations and recommendations).
  • Parent and teacher education
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School Readiness

  • Assessment and therapy sessions focusing on child’s school readiness skills:
    • Pencil grasp  and scissors skills
    • Fine motor skills
    • Social Skills
    • Movement and coordination
    • Planning and organisation skills
    • Self-Care Skills
    • Attention and Memory
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  • Handwriting screening and intervention based on Handwriting Without Tears methodology.
  • Handwriting resources recommendation (e.g. pencil grips, pencils)
  • Parent and teacher education

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