Supporting children reach their full potential

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Our Approach

At EQUIPKIDS we believe that every child has the opportunity to learn, succeed and flourish if given the right support and environmental resources, discovering and using their strengths and abilities to their full potential. Our occupational therapy practice is family-centred and we focus on providing your child with an individualised therapy intervention that suits their needs. 


Individual Therapy

Assessment and therapy sessions focusing on the child's needs provided in our clinic, at home, childcare or school.

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School Readiness

Assessment and therapy focusing on supporting your child to acquire and consolidate the necessary skills for a smooth transition into the school environment.

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Handwriting Support

Assessment and therapy addressing handwriting and based on the "Handwriting without Tears" framework. Individual or small group (max two children) sessions at clinic or home.

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School Support

Assessment and therapy sessions focusing on supporting your child within the school environment, classroom strategies, parent and teacher workshops.

How we can help

  • Early development
  • Reaching milestones
  • Self-care skills
  • Social skills
  • Sensory Processing Issues

  • Attention, focus and memory
  • Coordination and balance
  • Self-regulation skills
  • School readiness
  • Handwriting
  • Early literacy

Accessing our Services

  • GP / Paediatrician referral
  • Medicare rebates available
  • NDIS registered provider
  • Registered for private health funds rebates
  • Self-referral

Information and resources

Visit us

Our clinic is located in Williams Landing (prior booking required)

C14, Level 2, 100 Overton Road, Williams Landing, Vic 3027

Call us

We could also be contacted as follows:

+61 (3) 8353 9521

+61 (3) 8080 0743 (fax)

Contact us

If you would like further information about our services, how to enrol your child or want to make a booking, send us a message using the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


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C14, Level 2, 100 Overton Road, Williams Landing,
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